About Ed

About Ed FitzGerald


A qualified Business Coach, I have over 20 years’ experience managing people, teams, budgets and targets across the UK. I graduated from Bristol University a 2.1 BA (Hons) degree in Social Science, Politics & Economics with Statistics.


My experience working in sectors as diverse as music and hardware has taught me many things. But it is one phenomenon that keeps recurring: Successful businesses all have the same issues. And they often don’t know it – because they often live in a bubble, assuming that they are the only ones with those specific set of issues.

When I discovered this I began to develop a suite of solutions that tackled these core issues. I don’t want to sound as if this was all done in a reflective moment. A very much learned at the coal face, working for large national and international companies. You had to figure things out fast in order to survive.

It was only when the dust settled on that part of my career and I began working with smaller businesses that the commonalties amongst companies began to crystallise in my mind.

I developed the PCP method as a result of this and have successfully used it to help numerous businesses since. The PCP method simplifies business management because it puts every issue into one of three categories – performance, communication and planning.

PCP Method

PCP Method