Case Study: Video Production Company

This real life story is typical of businesses that grow quickly, often reacting to circumstances as they develop. The result is a lack of framework and communication which creates barriers to the company developing further.


  • Unsure if successful
  • Owner not doing the role he wants to

Identification of Issues

  • Not profit focussed
  • No clear roles for team
  • Owner not holding team to account


  • Focus on profit every month
  • Set clear profit goals
  • Clarify roles of team, starting with owner
  • Set goals for team, including owner


  • Monthly profit target hit each month
  • Owner now doing the role that suits him & business
  • Team grown by 50% as new sales expand due to owner’s focus

If you know of companies that have grown very quickly – often just after having started – it is likely that they will suffer some or all of the above problems. I would be happy to have a no obligation talk with them.