Case Study: Printing Company

Here is a real life story of a company I helped. This a fairly typical example of the sort of assistance I give to businesses. The adage “To fail to plan is to plan to fail” is very true in business, but sometimes it takes someone outside the business to open up the channels of communication and facilitate that planning.


  • Frustration
  • Partners working very hard for little reward
  • One wants status quo, other wants growth

Identification of Issues

  • Lack of strategic communication between partners
  • No plan for next 3 years
  • No plan for future sustainability


  • Facilitated strategic planning session between partners
  • Establish areas of mutual agreement
  • Goals established that give them reward for their efforts
  • Action plan established with clearly identified owners
  • Roles established for partners


  • Partners now have vision of future
  • Working towards goals & enjoying work again
  • Won largest contract to date

If you know people in a similar situation, please refer them to me for a no obligation discussion.