Effective Goal Setting

“Lose weight”, “Stop smoking”,
“Spend less time at work” …

Wonder why our New Year Resolutions don’t last past the end of January?

Well, too many Resolutions are doomed before you even get started and the above examples are no exception.
So what’s wrong with these Resolutions?

The way our brains are wired, they don’t recognise negative words or phrases. So when we say “We must not buy chocolate”, our brain only hears “We must buy chocolate”.

So “Lose weight” becomes “Weight”, “Stop smoking” becomes “Smoking” and “Spend less time at work” becomes “Spend time at work”!

It’s like when we walk into a supermasrket with healthy intentions  and say the “I must not buy chocolate” mantra all round the store until we get to the checkouts and cave in and put the Twix in the trolley. But if we’d have said “I must eat healthy”, I’d have thought of all the healthy things to buy and not thought of chocolate at all.

So Goals must be set in the positive – if chocolate is what you want to give up, what is it you want to achieve? Healthy living? Running a marathon? Looking good?

Effective goal setting is essential to maximise your chances of achieving your targets for 2016 and positive goals are just one key strand of effective goal setting.

To learn how to achieve your targets for 2016 through effective goal setting, come and join me for a fun, motivational half day “Introduction to Effective Goal Setting” workshop on Thursday 28th January and unlock your potential.

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