Are you struggling to keep up your enthusiasm for your New Year resolutions?

In the blog below, I explain what you need to have in place to stay on track & make your resolutions a reality this year.

  • Motivation

It’s vital to really understand why you want to achieve your resolution/goal – we must find our motivational key.

If your resolution is to eat healthier, you need to be clear on why you will go without unhealthy (and tasty!) food.

Questions we should ask ourselves include: –

– why is this goal important to me?

– what are the benefits to me and my friends/family from achieving this goal?

– what are the consequences to me and my friends/family if I don’t achieve it?

Keep drilling this down until you get to the heart of the issue.

Using our example above, I will eat healthy because I need to have the energy to play football with my son, so that he can have the best parent possible is a very powerful why.

  • Positively Stated Resolutions

Resolutions need to be positively stated to be effective.

“Losing weight”, “stopping smoking”, “not eating chocolate” are all negatively stated goals. They tell us what you want to give up rather than what you want moving forward.

“I want to weight 12 stone”, “I want to be fit”, “I want to eat healthy” are the same 3 goals as above but stated positively.

Why is this important? Research has shown that our subconscious brains do not recognise negative words.

So if we say “not eating chocolate”, all our brain hears is “eating chocolate” – and so reminds us of the very thing we don’t want to be focussing on. Small wonder so many New Year Resolutions do not succeed!

The other great thing our brain does is stimulate and respond to our thoughts.

How many times have you walked into a supermarket saying over and over to yourself, “I must not eat chocolate, I must not eat chocolate, I must not eat chocolate”, then thought of nothing but chocolate all around the store and finally caved in and bought some at the checkout?

Next time, try walking in saying “I will eat healthy, I will eat healthy, I will eat healthy”. Your brain will kick in and start reminding you of all the healthy food a supermarket sells- salads, fruits, vegetables, pastas. And you won’t think of chocolate once!

It really does work! And all because you have stated your resolution positively.

  • Visualisation

Because you’ve now set yourself a positively stated goal and understand exactly why you’re doing it, you’ll have a very clear vision in your head of what this looks like.

Now you can make this come alive, so you can have a visual reminder to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Try putting an old photo of yourself looking great on the fridge or writing down and displaying all the benefits of you achieving your goal.

  • Make the journey fun

If you don’t enjoy getting up at 6am in all weathers or don’t enjoy eating lots of lettuce, you’re unlikely to still be doing it in a month’s time.

The key to success is to sneak up on your unpleasant actions and you’ll be doing them without dwelling on them, because you’ve subjugated them below an action that does appeal to you.

If you are competitive, see how quickly you can run at 6am, if you like learning new skills, see how many new healthy recipes you can learn to cook.


So there you have it… The key to achieving your resolutions are Motivation, Positively Stated Goals, Visualisation, and Make It Fun.

I hope this has helped you stay on track.

Now, go and make it happen!!



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